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Automation is the process of using technology to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. Automation can improve efficiency, quality, reliability, and scalability of business processes, while reducing costs, errors, and risks. In the depiction, we will outline six steps that Cloud Context help you go from concept to full-scale automation.


Identify the problem

Identify the problem that needs to be solved and the goals that needs to be achieved by automation.


Assess the scope

Assess the scope of the automation project. This involves evaluating the technical, financial, organisational, and ethical aspects of automation.


Design the solution

This involves selecting the best automation tools and technologies, defining the workflow and logic.


Implement the solution

Implement the solution and the strategy for automation. This involves developing, deploying, configuring, and integrating the automation.


Evaluate the outcome

Evaluate the outcome and the impacts of automation. This involves measuring and analysing the automation results and benefits, comparing them with the expected goals.


Maintain and improve

Maintain and improve the automation by documenting, updating and staying on top of changes to technologies they may affect this automation.

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